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We will add local companies who have agreed to give syndicate members a discount to use their services. You will need to obtain a certificate from us but these are issued by email and just click on the link.



Please check back regularly for savings from local businesses.



Need a light fixture switching out, an electric shower upgraded or a complete house or business rewire, then look no further than our local electrician Philip Bird. He is a Great Bardfield resident with years of practical experience and currently Stroma certified. You can visit his website or call him directly on 01371 811618 or 07882 039960.


Discounts are provided to The Oil Lady members, contact us for a current discount code.



Need a cool idea for a party, why not try this unusual Waffle Wagon. Who doesnt love a waffle loaded with great toppings. Just drop an email to for details.



Simon Gulliford had worked for the well respected company Bournbrooke for 16 years before setting up on his own over 5 years ago to give the same high quality service looking after both boilers and AGA's. Simon has assisted many of our syndicate members with regular yearly services and when something goes wrong in an emergency, he has responded quickly and outside normal working hours. We have been provided discounted rates for a yearly service as follows which reflect a £5 discount. Simon is not VAT registered and therefore no VAT applies to his invoices. You will need a voucher to receive these rates. Simon can be contacted on tel. 01279 816028 or 07815 967766


Boiler servicing £65 plus parts (a nozzle is required at £10.50)

AGA servicing £95 plus parts (a wick is required at £10)

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Ash Tree House, North End, Little Yeldham CO9 4LG 

Freephone 0800 228 9140   t. 01371 238 080

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